Lair Review

Someone needs to let gamers on the Internet know that 'underrated' and 'crap' are usually interchangeable terms. People have called terrible games like God Hand (PS2), Dragon Ball Z: Legends (multi) and Devil May Cry 2 (PS2) underrated, which simply isn't truthful - all three of these games were mind-bendingly awful. Lair for PS3 was the next game in line to be branded with the label, simply because it was released and hyped when there weren't very many games available for the new system. Almost half a year later, the Internet is alive with people standing up for Lair and calling for the heads of reviewers who panned the game. Well, I guess I'm late to the party, but it doesn't change the fact that Lair is not only a disappointment, but also a complete disaster of a video game.

If you still aren't sure about this game, let me say this - the people behind Lair had to send reviewers pamphlets that explained how to play the game and make it more fun. Yikes.

In case you don't know about the game, it is set in a fantasy/sci-fi world where people ride dragons and warring societies constantly break each other's stuff. The story does get a bit more involved as you progress through the game, but basically, you only need to know that you ride a dragon and have what could have been some really cool mid-air fights. As awesome as that sounds, Lair is the exact opposite of fun.

Since the game is so atrocious, I'll start with Lair's only redeeming quality. The graphics and sound in this game are unbelievable. It runs smooth with no slow down, all the environments and characters look almost as real as, say, Mass Effect or the Final Fantasy films. The sound is in full THX, which is also completely amazing. Lair looks and sounds so amazing that I found myself in a state of disbelief concerning just how far games have come in the past 20+ years. HDTV owners may want to consider renting this game just to see how awesome it looks, but after you check out the graphics, make sure you take Lair back to Blockbuster. Do not attempt to play the game.