Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Review

Role playing games run through such a wide spectrum of quality from the truly great to the why-did-they-do-this-to-me variety. Unfortunately it seems that there are many more of the latter than there should be, so much so that when just an adequate RPG shows up it is reason for rejoicing. So with that in mind and if you are a big fan of RPGs, it is time to rejoice because Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits is actually a better than average RPG. Woo-hoo…


The basic premise of Arc the Lad is the simple conflict between good and evil, man vs. demon. Sure it is pretty much the storyline of every RPG out there but Arc does throw a couple of twists into the game that give it a little more originality than most. Both Humans and Deimos desire the same natural resource called Spirit Stones. These stones provide energy, warmth and light for the humans while they give the deimos the necessary force for magic. Like all natural resources there is a limited supply of these stones and thus lies the conflict between the two races. Not that they need much reason to fight as they have a long hatred built up for each other.

Arc tells its story mostly from the point of view of two main characters that you control who share a secret unknown even to themselves. The first is Kharg who lives in the human world and lives a very privileged life. The other, Darc, is not so lucky as he is basically a slave in the Deimos world but over time rises to a level of high command. One of the more interesting parts of Arc is that you will switch back and forth between these two characters and unfold different story lines for each until they intersect. It may be bad to admit but I found the much darker story of Darc more interesting and entertaining than the rather bland and predictable story for Kharg. Not sure if that tells me that I have some sort of unresolved issues or something, but in this case evil is more interesting. Nevertheless I was still pulling for the humans to win overall, so all is not lost on me. The story of these two characters and the overall story of Arc is interesting and is probably the strongest aspect of the game and that is very important in a game that can take a long time to finish.