Silent Hill Origins Review

Player(s): 1
Memory: 179KB

Do you have fond memories of playing your old Playstation 1 games on your Playstation 2? Remember how you would turn on the graphics filter and faster loading to make the polygons of some games would look smoother and the overall game load faster? Remember how some games would indeed look smoother and load faster, but they would have sound bugs or some other type of bug throughout them because of the extra stuff that you tried to force on them? Well, that is the sort of problem that we have here with Silent Hill Origins on the PS2.

I'm not going to go into detail about the story of the game, gameplay or any other features such as that. Please view my review of Silent Hill Origins on the PSP for that info. The PS2 version is the exact same from a gameplay perspective and the story remains the same with no added features.

If the PSP version has been played prior to starting up Silent Hill Origins for the PS2 then one can immediately notice the redone character models and slightly better backgrounds (and enemies). The game can be played in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and has multiple languages that can be chosen as the game begins. All files now have pictures that can be viewed prior to reading the text which provides a slightly more immersive experience when picking up any of them.

So what's so bad about the game? Well, the game is not absolutely terrible by any means. For the most part it still plays just as well as the PSP version, but the PS2 version suffers from some sounds bugs among other bugs and an overall darker look. Music will cut off while in some rooms, door opening sounds will not play when interacting with a door, the radio sound effect while touching a mirror cuts on and off in a choppy manner when compared to its PSP counterpart and sometimes the sound effect of picking up an item will sound distorted and nearly scare you more than a random sound that was actually meant to scare the player. All of these sound bugs happen randomly but some of them happen quite often - especially the door opening bug.


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