Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Player(s): 1

Mercenaries 2 places you in the role of one of three hired mercenaries. All three mercenaries have the same story - the game simply swaps out one character for either of the other two and adds some extra dialogue depending on the character chosen. The overall story was interesting from the standpoint of the characters that I played with. Character voices matched perfectly for the most part and the dialogue seemed well written. The in-game full motion videos seem a bit compressed in their widescreen presentation judging from the on-screen look however, but this isn't too noticeable.

Upon first inserting Mercenaries 2 and pressing start to begin the game, I had to wonder if my game had just froze since the screen went black for about a good 20 to 30 seconds. Thankfully, the black screen was only due to the game's extremely long load time however - the loading caused me to question freezing on multiple occasions throughout the game. Once the game loads a full area it is free of loading for the remainder of the mission, but you sure have to wait through one might big loading screen beforehand.

The main game starts out with an explosive first mission where you must rescue a captive under the agreements of a contract. The game showcases explosions very well as shown in the first mission. The opening mission basically walks you through much of the basic ways to bomb an area through using air raids, C4 or the tank vehicle. All of the buildings in the game seemed to be destructible and the explosions were pleasing for PS2 graphics - buildings smoke when hit enough times then they slowly sink into the ground and leave behind damaged remnants of walls.

Gameplay revolves around progressing the story by working your way through story missions, but there are also many extra missions that become available throughout the game where your mercenary can gain more money for better arms and fuel for vehicles. The main area where a good chunk of the story takes place is rather big and you'll definitely need a vehicle to navigate through it. The in-game map displayed on the upper right portion of the screen made missions hard to navigate. I could easily see the target mark for the mission, but the roads were so very small and hard to see without pulling up the main map through the select menu.


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