Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Review

When you sit down to play Spyro: Enter the Dragon on PS2, you may wonder if you would be playing a kid’s game, or if it would be entertaining enough for an adult. After playing, you may feel left somewhere in between.

You play the role of Spyro the Dragon as he tries to earn his wings within the dragon world by rescuing the dragonflies captured by the evil Riptocs. These dragonflies will someday become dragons themselves, so the fate of the dragon race is in Spyro’s hands, er, well, paws at least. You must free a total of 90 dragonflies within several realms by completing quests, fighting baddies, and freeing imprisoned dragons.

The game begins in the very benign homeworld, where the worst things running around are some very yummy sheep. You can talk to you friends Hunter, Bianca, and Zoe, among others, who will help you get used to maneuvering through the game and how to go about reaching other levels. Also, your ever present dragonfly companion Sparx will give you loads of information on what you are trying to accomplish.

The homeworld is also a great place to get acquainted with the game and its controls. The graphics themselves are pretty decent; the landscape and creatures are very sharp. Especially nice is that anything in the distance is still crisp and easily identifiable. Even better, the 360 degree view does not get confused in itself when Spyro is looking around while running up hill, or turning around in a corner. The sound is good, too. Other characters’ voices are easy to understand, although the attempt to give them accents is at times quite comical.

The controls at first seem rather clunky, requiring the use of all buttons to really make a go of getting around. However, after about a half hour of use, control becomes quite comfortable, and you are really left with quite a bit of flexibility in maneuvering Spyro. Take your time in the homeworld running around, jumping and attacking the sheep; getting a good handle on the controls here will make you fly through the other levels when you need to contend with the Riptocs.

Once you and Spyro are acquainted with moving around in the homeworld, try to complete the first quest that Hunter introduces you too. Once you get the hang of moving around, you should be able to complete this challenge within a couple of tries. Then it will be time to move on to the next level, which is very reminiscent of a Japanese garden built high in the mountains. Here you must unfreeze several dragons that have been captured by the Riptocs, as well as find a couple more challenges and tasks to complete. You will find yourself needing to bounce back and forth between this world and the homeworld as you gain new talents which will open new areas to you.

The next world you will come to after gaining your electric breath ability will be a farm invaded by alien Riptocs, from which you must rescue the farmer’s kidnapped cows. Quirky idea for a world, but visual appeal of the graphics will get you by the oddity of the task at hand.