Jackass the Game Review

How much crude humor can you take in a game? If you really, really enjoy it then Jackass is worth a shot. If you find it repulsive then Jackass is not for you. Much like the TV show of the same name, Jackass: The Game is filled with insane stunts that only an "overly determined" person would take a shot at - literally, a Jackass.

The core gameplay for Jackass lies in the "MTV Story Mode". In this mode, you take on the role of the director of Jackass and your goal is to collect the best footage from a variety of stunts in order to build up revenue for the show. Once the actual gameplay begins, you get to pick between the stars from the TV series then choose from a certain variety of stunts (mini games).

Once a stunt is chosen, you will be given a list of objectives to accomplish for that stunt. Completing the objective list is the main key to moving on to the next set of stunts. Players are thrown into a stunt without any type of tutorial - you just basically figure it out yourself! Button controls are listed once the game begins, so you can learn the controls on your first attempt. It would have been nice to have some brief rundown of each game before it starts!

This game has tons of stunts to choose from and they are usually different. Even if they are the same, which they very rarely are, then they take place in a different environment with different objectives. The variety doesn't help this game out much however since the stunts are usually very short and simple. I very rarely found myself wanting to play a stunt once I was finished with it.

Stunts range from basket cart racing on rooftops, diving into crap from the top of a building, tumbling down a cliff, playing bumper cars on rooftops, racing with pogo sticks on rooftops, etc. One stunt has you wrapped up in a snowball while you race down a hill, collecting as much people and junk as you can in order to make the snowball bigger. Sound familiar? Well, that was the most memorable game to me along with Urban Wakeboarding (imagine Wakeboarding: Unleashed in a neighborhood).

Once enough objectives have been finished per game then that game will be made available in challenge mode. Challenge mode allows a player to repeat any of the stunts from the story mode - there is a reason to play challenge mode also! Playing in challenge mode will allow you to build up cash that can be used to unlock extras at the Jackassmart.

The graphics resemble that of a budget title. They really look like first or second generation PS2 games. Characters models look hazy and the overall detail is lacking. "Simple" is about the only word that thoroughly describes the overall graphics. The characters act just like their on-screen counterparts however - they beat other up before stunts and do other acts of screwing around just like in the show.


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