Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Review

The Tiger Woods series is becoming a venerable staple of the sport of golf almost as much as Madden is to football. Reaching this status means a few things for a sports franchise. On the plus side you have a game engine that has been tweaked and refined over the years to provide a pretty good simulation of the sport. On the other side of the ledger, you’re faced with the yearly decision of whether or not it is worth your money to “upgrade” to the latest iteration of the game. This of source is not an issue if you’re new to Tiger Woods golf, in which case you’ll be getting a really good golf game and there’s no compelling reason not to pick up the 07 version. The rest of you will have to decide if the new courses and features warrant a purchase of this year’s incarnation.

For those of you new to the series, the game uses a stick-based swing system that works pretty well and feels pretty natural for a golf game. The right stick is used to set the club angle and height of the swing so you can adjust your swing to get under the ball and really loft it or hit it high and flat to punch the ball. The left stick is used to actually swing the club by pulling it down for the backswing and then pushing it forward to swing the club and follow through. Pushing the stick slightly to the left or right during the swing (either intentionally or not) will either pull or draw the shot. It’s an elegant system that works well for the game and gives you a lot of control over your swings.

The standard golf modes you’d expect are all here including match, stroke, and skins play, and the game offers the same alternate modes seen in prior years such as alternate shot and best ball. This year’s version adds a number of new modes of play, most of which are pretty fun in their own right. Greensome and bloodsome are similar games in that you and a partner take on another two person team. The difference between the two is that in greensome you get to choose which of your team’s balls you get to play next and in bloodsome the other team makes the choice for you. One ball is another new mode where you compete against your opponent to be the first to sink your shared ball. All shots must land within a designated area to prevent you from simply turning around and launching the ball in the wrong direction, but it still becomes a game of trying to put your opponent in a bad spot.


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