Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Review

Whether or not you’ll like Street Fighter Alpha Anthology will depend primarily on whether or not you’re a Street Fighter fan. If you’re a fan of fighters chances are you already pretty familiar with the Street Fighter franchise, and if not then you are new enough to the genre that Street Fighter may not appeal to you. For those of you who fall into this last group as well as the rest of you out there who aren’t Street Fighter fans already, then you may find yourself disappointed in Street Fighter Anthology for the following reasons. The games included in the anthology range from eight to ten plus years old which means that the graphics are positively primitive by today’s standards and that all of the fighting is strictly 2D. The backgrounds are pretty basic, the characters are not very detailed, and there’s no sign of today’s advanced jiggle technology (you know what I mean guys). Couple this with a complete lack of any kind of online support and you’ve got a game that harkens back to gaming’s equivalent of the Middle Ages. Modern fighters may owe a lot to the Street Fighter series, but they’ve come a long way since. So there you have it newbies; you’ve been warned.

Still here? Well then odds are that you’re really going to like Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. The disc is packed with five Street Fighter games: Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Super Gem Fighter MiniMix. The last of these is an interesting inclusion, as the game is a cutesy version of Street Fighter with cute miniature versions of the fighters and a simplified control scheme. The fights are filled with fun animations and references to other games, so while fighter purists may scoff at it it is still fun in its own way.

When the game starts you’ll be given the option of which game you’d like to play. If you have a hard drive in your PS2, then you’ll also be given the option of installing the game to the drive. Finally, a game that makes use of the hard drive and makes it more than just a spot to dump all of your old save files! A really nice thing about this is that the game has relatively fast load times as it is, and so the inclusion of the hard drive install wasn’t really necessary. It will take a little time to transfer the game to the hard drive, but once you do the load times will be lightning fast.

Each of the games includes all of the modes that you’d expect; arcade, versus, etc. The controls are dead-on tight and the play is fast and smooth. Plug an arcade stick into your PS2 and you’ve basically got the Street Fighter arcade experience in your living room. It’s hard to imagine a Street Fighter or classic fighter fan being disappointed in this collection. Five full games on a single disc is an amazingly good deal, especially when you’re talking about one of the all-time classic arcade fighter series.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 82%. A dream come true for Street Fighter Alpha fans.


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