Madden NFL 07 Review

If you’re a PS2 owner then you may find yourself feeling a little jealous towards Xbox 360 owners. After all, they get to play Madden NFL 07 in HD. Well, I’m here to tell you not to let that bother you because while Madden NFL 07 may look a lot better on the Xbox 360, the PS2 version plays a better game of football. Plus it’s the only version that lets you hook up your PSP and take your franchise on the road with you. Yes PS2 owners, your system still does a great job of delivering NFL action into your home.

In the past each version of Madden NFL came with a set of new features to go along with its roster updates and uniform changes and this year is no exception. Specifically, Madden NFL 07 places a renewed emphasis on the running game and introduces a cool new way to kick the ball.

This year it is out with the truck stick and in with the highlight stick. The highlight stick lets the league’s best backs show why they’re the best with a host of tackle-breaking moves. The crème-de-la-crème of the NFL even have their own unique signature moves. Use of the highlight stick comes at the price of an increased chance to fumble, so you won’t want to use it on every play. When you do use it and your back’s move results in a long gain it sure is sweet, though.

The kicking controls are news this year and this is one of those changes that improves the game rather than something that is added simply to make the game different from last year’s. The left stick is used to aim the ball and the right to make the kick. To kick, you draw back on the right stick to reach the desired power level and then push it forward to follow through on the kick. If you are off the center line while pushing the stick forward you’ll pull or push the kick to the left or the right. The new control is a welcome change as it makes the kicking game feel more like kicking than a simple button timing exercise.

The last of the control changes is the new lead blocker control. While running you can switch control to one of your blockers, lay down a hit to take out a would be tackler, and then switch back to your running back and take advantage of the newly opened hole. With practice you can use this new feature to your advantage, but it is not something that you can make use of on every down. A lot of running plays develop so quickly that it’s impractical to try and manage both your blockers and your back.


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