NFL Head Coach Review

Have you ever sat around and wondered what would happen roughly nine months after a Sims game and a Madden game both got drunk and hooked up? Nope, me neither but the marketing, uh, make that exclusive NFL license marketing team over at EA must have and the result is NFL Head Coach for the PS2. Now that it has been unleashed on us should we care or just tune to the NFL channel instead? That kind of on to see what I mean. (I wonder if there will be a NFL Head Coach cover curse, a la Madden? Will Cowher tear his ACL or burst a blood vessel in his head and be out for the year?? Maybe his face will freeze with one of his world class scowls?)

Get ready to spend a lot of time behind your desk.
First, I love football! I'm a huge Miami Dolphin fan and I go online daily to 4-5 Dolphin specific web sites looking for every tidbit of information. Heck, I'm even keeping up with what enigmatic running back Ricky Williams is doing in the CFL (who just broke his arm, BTW). But I'm not a big fan of strategy games...maybe it's just because I don't like to think very much. Anyhoo, NFL Head Coach is just like it sounds where the main focus is a very detailed franchise mode with a little actual on field football thrown in.

As you can guess from the title you are a head coach, well not at first. First you have to interview for a head coach position. Luckily you just happen to be either the offensive or defensive coordinator for the reining Super Bowl champs and several teams will be interested in hiring you. I naturally ended up taking a job with the Dolphins but for a lot less money than some of the other teams offered. Now the “fun” part starts as we get to find out that being a head coach isn't neatly as exciting as just watching the games on TV.

Maybe I'm just not a very patient person, but there is a lot of things you need to do before you even get to the practice field. Heck, you'll be doing all sorts of things for a few hours until you get to coach a game that matters. Guess that's realistic, I mean real coaches don't get to jump right into the “action” they have to deal with the fairly boring issues like chatting to scouts but I'd personally rather skip that stuff and get to the more enjoyable stuff. In the initial “interview” for Head Coach you are able to decide what offensive and defensive schemes are best for your coaching style and philosophy and then you make sure that your new coaching staff is made up of those like minded personalities. Having the correct coaching staff will go a long way to making your team better and there is not doubt that there is a lot of depth here...but that doesn't mean it's fun. You deal with everything from re-signing and cutting players, dealing with free agents, the draft, and practices,


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