The Suffering: Ties That Bind Review

Poor Torque. When he first appeared in The Suffering, he was sitting on death row awaiting his execution for the murder of his family. Making matters worse, he had no memory of the crime, so he himself didn’t know whether or not he did the deed. While sitting out his last days in his cell things really got crazy for Torque when his penitentiary was suddenly overrun by vile demons. Torque soon found himself fighting off hell spawn demons while continuing to fight his own internal ones. Needless to say, Torque was able to escape from the island on which he was incarcerated at the end of the game and Ties That Bind picks up the story soon after that.

Torque just can't seem to rid himself of his demons...
Now you, Torque, find yourself on a boat in Baltimore harbor. You’re soon captured and taken to a holding facility by heavily armed paramilitary police types who want to know what happened on the island. Before you know it the demons have made their way to Baltimore and once again you’re fighting them off, but this time instead of being confined to the claustrophobic cells and halls of a prison you take the fight to the claustrophobic streets of the city.

If you played The Suffering, then Ties That Bind will be very familiar to you. The gameplay is essentially the same with some minor modifications such as the new ability to crouch and a cap on the number of weapons that you can carry. If you’re new to the whole The Suffering experience, then the game can best be described as a shooter in survival-horror clothing. You’ll be assaulted by a number of horrific demons - as well as a few humans with bad intentions – and you’ll rely on a variety of weapons to put them down. Also, as you slay these demons you’ll fill a special meter and once that meter is full you can transform into a demonic creature form of your own. In this form you gain a powerful melee attack, but you’ll only be able to hold it for a short time. Once the meter runs down again you’ll transform back into Torque, but you’ll want to transform back manually as letting the meter run out on its own will cost you some of your health. It can be fun to shred a few enemies in the creature form, but it is pretty susceptible to attacks from ranged weapons. As such it is primarily useful when trapped in tight quarters, and for the most part you probably won’t bother with transforming as it is generally more efficient to let a shotgun do your talking for you.