Rocky Legends Review

The previous Rocky game gave you the chance to play as Rocky as you made your way through the fights of the five Rocky movies. While a treat for Rocky fans, its underwhelming fight model limited that game’s appeal to everyone else. Rocky Legends expands on the “play your way through the movies” theme, but this time lets you play as Rocky or his more notable opponents, Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, and Ivan Drago. Each character has his own storyline that gives you insight into each fighter’s origins and how they got to the point where they eventually crossed paths with Rocky in the movies. It’s even possible to alter “history” and change the course of the movies by, say, leading Drago to victory or as Creed surviving your fight with Drago. In addition you’ll have the chance to fight against all of the boxers from the movies as well as additional fighters created to help fill out the storylines for the non-Rocky characters. Beating them in the story mode will make them available for play in the game’s other fight modes as well, so there is a bevy of Rocky goodness for fans here. However, once again the game is handicapped by its basic arcade-style fight model, and those simply looking for a good boxing game are sure to be disappointed in Rocky Legends.

The controls are pretty straightforward – the four face buttons give you left and right high and low punches. These can be modified to be hooks or upper cuts by holding the left stick or R1 while pressing a punch button. L1 is used to block, and moving the stick while blocking allows you to dodge. Certain button sequences will unleash combo punches and once you get the hang of these you’ll be delivering devastating attacks with ease – although you’ll still need to wait for the right moment to unleash a combo rather than simply mashing buttons. This simplistic approach to boxing is further hampered by somewhat sluggish fighters who just are simply not responsive nor fast enough for an arcade-style fighter. The result is that the game just does not hold up as a fighter and once you’ve played through the story modes there’s little motivation to keep returning to it for the boxing action. This is problem is certainly not helped by the fact that there is no online play support, and the so-so boxer AI necessitates play against live opponents to provide more challenge and excitement. The computer opponents can handle the basics competently but you can still exploit it with the combo system to ensure pretty regular victory.

Returning from the game’s predecessor is the training mode that lets you improve your fighter’s stats by playing various mini games. Gym exercises such as jumping rope and working out with speed and punching bags become exercises in button timing. The better you do at a game the better the boost to your stats. You can skip the mini game training and just choose to auto-train, but you won’t receive as high of a boost as if you had done the training yourself.

Whether or not you’ll enjoy Rocky Legends depends a lot on whether or not you are a Rocky fan. If you are a fan of the movies, then you’ll probably enjoy the game’s story mode and be a lot more forgiving of the bare-basics boxing. If you’re looking for a good fighter or boxing sim, then you will more than likely be disappointed in Rocky Legends and move on to more challenging fighters after a few hours of play.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 60%.  Leave this one to the true Rocky faithful.


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