Call to Power II Review

Call to Power II (CTP2) is the latest game in the long and illustrious line descended from Sid Meier's classic game, Civilization. You lead a civilization from the dawn of time, through the modern age, and into the far future, competing with other civilizations for land resources, and even your very survival.  

CTP2 closely follows the formula established in the first Civilization game. You being the game with nomadic settlers looking for a home and you must use these settlers to found your civilization's first cities. From there, you must grow your cities and expand your empire by managing the following:

Exploration: You begin the game by knowing very little about the world outside your city. You must reach out into the darkness to find new areas into which you can expand and to find the other civilizations with which you share the world.

Growth: You must provide ample food and resources to grow your cities and found additional cities to grow your empire.

Building: You will need to manage your resources to provide for production of new units, city structures, and unique wonders of the world.

Conflict: You will invariably run into other civilizations with which conflicts will arise. You must maintain a strong military to defend your empire - or to push others back.

Science: You will need to devote some of your resources towards achieving technological advances if you are to remain competitive with your rivals.

Trade: One of the best ways to fill the coffers of your empire is through the creation of an extensive network of trade routes with many partners.

Diplomacy: Skillful management of the varied personalities of your rivals will go a long way to assuring your civilization's survival.