Bad Day L.A Review

Bad Day L.A. is one of those games that look like it should be pretty cool. Itís set in Los Angeles on a day when the city gets hit with one crazy disaster after another and itís obviously played for laughs. It also hast game designer American McGeeís name on the box and sports an interesting cel-shaded graphical style. Sounds like it has potential, right? Wrong. The gameís opening cutscene will have you immediately worrying about what youíve gotten yourself into (and have you trying to remember where you put the receipt for the game) when it shows the gameís hero emptying his bowels in the middle of Interstate 10 (Iím not kidding). Your fears will then be confirmed shortly thereafter when the gameplay begins and you find yourself in the middle of a repetitive, frustrating, scatological, and entirely unentertaining mess of a game. Maybe that freeway dump was meant as a sign of things to comeÖ

Basically the game casts you in the role of an obnoxious homeless guy who finds that he has a deep-rooted altruistic streak inside of himself when L.A. gets hit by one disaster after another. Terrorist attack, zombie invasion, meteor shower, Ö itís a very bad day indeed. It sounds like thereís a lot of potential for some varied and interesting gameplay here, but in reality it just boils down to a series of constrained and linear levels in which you shoot bad guys and spray the others with a fire hydrant.

Making matters worse for the uninspired gameplay is that fact that a lot of the game just doesnít work very well:

  • Aiming the guns is difficult
  • Enemies constantly spawn at random, often right on top of you
  • Youíll die a thousand cheap deaths at the hands of unseen shooters or cars that come out of nowhere to run you over
  • Your companions are useless and it doesnít even matter if they die or not
  • The game is downright miserly with giving you the ammo that you need to deal with respawning enemies

I could go on even further, but I canít think of a good reason to do so Ö just as I canít think of a good reason to recommend this game to anyone.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 38%. A bad day for L.A., an even worse day for gamers.


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