Adventure Pinball Review

A pinball game built on a 3D engine?  Yes, that's Adventure Pinball - a fast-paced and beautiful looking pinball game from Electronic Arts.  Adventure Pinball's tables are more living worlds with plenty of creatures, secrets, and surprises in store for the player.

Adventure Pinball is comprised of a series of tables - each with it's own different look, areas, secrets, and goals.  Completing the goals of a table will unlock the next table in the sequence, making it available for play.  Control is simple, with keys for each flipper, table-nudging keys, and the down-arrow for the plunger. 

With a 3D engine behind it, Adventure Pinball is definitely one of the more colorful, animated, and better looking pinball games to date - the tables look more like a living game world than pinball.  One minor complaint is that the color schemes on some of the tables make it difficult to see the flippers, which adds a little unwelcome extra challenge to these tables.