Player(s): 1
Extra Features: N/A

ZAAM is a first-person psychological horror exploration game developed and published by Alon Zubina, creator of It’s Always Monday. You must track down your little girl, Lucy, that has recently gone missing. In order to find her, you must journey through surreal environments while searching for clues to her location. The game focuses on regaining your memories of your daughter and yourself.

The majority of the game takes place on a ship that you are free to explore. While searching down the dark and ominous rooms aboard the ship, you’ll solve puzzles and find collectibles that can be taken back to a certain location in order to open up a gateway to another location that helps to unravel the main mystery of the game. The puzzles are usually straightforward, but can be slightly cryptic in what you are actually supposed to do to start some puzzles. You can interact with a good bit in the environments and it leads to many possibilities of what to do while using certain items.


The developers are very straightforward about the length of the game – it can easily be beaten in about an hour and half. ZAAM has quite a bit of things to do besides the main objective however. You can unlock achievements by solving hidden puzzles and there are many secret locations to discover. The overall graphics and sound are quite good for such a small game. There is a lot of love put into this game making it a joy to play.

Honestly, talking a lot about ZAAM is giving away too much about it and for a game that is so short, it’s best to try it out for yourself, especially for a game with a bargain price upon release. Even with a short length, the game gets a lot accomplished in the way of exploration and story. There are many files to collect that give you backstory and the events that unfold as you find key items will piece together your memories and overall backstory. The game has multiple endings as well. It’s definitely worth a play-through for the curious and those that enjoy a good story.

The Good:
+ Impressive graphics and sound

+ Many collectibles and unlockables

The Bad:
- Overall, very short