Cooking Witch Review

Cooking Witch is about a witch who cooks... kids. She has a giant cauldron set just outside a carnival filled with kids ripe for the cooking. Your goal is to fly the witch on her broom to the carnival, scoop up a kid, fly the kid back to the cauldron, and drop the kid in. Each time a kid is dropped into the cauldron, a few random bonus items will pop out which you'll need to grab to collect. It could be health for your witch, bonus time to extend the game's time limit, or meat. The meat is your ultimate goal here, as after the game's timer expires the amount of meat that you collected will be your final score.

There are a few things to contend with as you turn kids to meat. The first is the timer - the game is played as a single, timed level, and once the timer expires the game is over. The next is that the witch has limited stamina - she can only fly around lugging a kid for so long before she gets too tired and drops the kid to the ground. The witch recovers stamina pretty quickly, so while running out of stamina won't doom your level it's still something you'll have to keep in mind while trying to get kids back to the pot. There are also physical hazards to contend with, the festival fireworks amount to AAA flak to a witch, and if the frightened kids manage to ring an alarm bell protective fathers bearing shotguns will arrive to try and shoot the witch out of the sky. You can dodge all of this aerial artillery, but you'll burn pressure stamina as you bob and weave. And if you're hit, you'll lose some of your heath. There's not much you can do about the fireworks, but you can knock a father out by dropping a kid on his head.

Cooking Witch screenshot 4

While there's only one level to the game, there is some progression to it. The meat that is used to score a level is accumulated between plays to serve as a currency to purchase upgrades. For example, you can purchase brooms with different characteristics or outfit the broom with extensions like hooks that will allow you to carry extra children per trip. Also, each level has a few challenge goals that will earn you bonuses if you can complete them, goals such as capturing at least three kids wearing blue in a level.

That's pretty much all there is to the game, it's the kind of game well-suited to mobile but that serves as a quick break between more serious tasks when you're on your computer. What it does it does well enough, but it doesn't do a lot. If you're looking for an unusual and quirky time-waster, its low price and simple gameplay make Cooking Witch a good choice. If you have a short attention span or get bored easily, you'll probably get five or ten minutes out of Cooking Witch and then never play it again.

Final Rating: 75% - It cooks up a little arcade-style distraction when you're in need of a light snack.


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