SPACEPLAN is a clicker game. If you're not familiar with that genre, clickers are games that generally play themselves and limit player interaction to rapid, repeated mouse-clicking or screen-tapping. SPACEPLAN follows that model, but adds a touch of strategy and an additional element of gameplay here and there and wraps the whole thing in a rather unique story. It's still not a game for everyone, but the low price gives it a good value proposition for those looking for some entertainment from a game that's not quite like most other games you'll find on Steam.

SPACEPLAN opens as your spaceship arrives in orbit around a strange planet. To explore the planet you'll need to create probes, creating probes requires energy, and creating energy requires all manner of potato-based technology. No, that's not a typo, the game has a decidedly eccentric sense of humor and potatoes figure prominently in that humor. As you make more potato-based power sources, the watts you produce per second will increase, providing you with the power-based funds to purchase the special items you'll need to advance the story. Power will accumulate on its own, but you can hasten the process by clicking on a square that sits below your power readings. As long as you keep clicking a multiplier will be applied to the power generated.

SPACEPLAN screenshot 2

There's a bit of strategy in deciding which types of generators to build and which upgrades to purchase - going for the most bang for your buck, um, watt, will get you more power more quickly. Making poor choices won't end the game for you, though, it will just make it take longer to get through it.

You'll reach plenty of points in the game during which you'll just need to leave it running for a bit or come back to it later (the game will generate a finite amount of power for you between game sessions). This can get to be a little tiresome, especially when the next item you need to advance the story requires an enormous number of watts. However, the story is quirky and interesting enough that when you near the next milestone you'll feel some excitement at the anticipation of finally seeing what comes next.

That's pretty much all there is to the game, building up your power-generating resources, purchasing a special item, and then seeing where the story takes you next. Sometimes a little gameplay element is added in, such as trying to drop probes on a specific spot on a planet from orbit, but for the most part the game will just run itself with occasional input from you. If this sounds like it may be boring to you, you're probably right and should avoid SPACEPLAN. On the other hand, if you're willing to spend a few dollars on a game that's a bit unusual, you may find yourself enjoying the experience.

Final Rating: 80% - The actual gameplay is minimal, but some gamers will find themselves enjoying SPACEPLAN's quirky story and sense of humor.


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