Battle Slots Review

PuzzleQuest took a lot of people by surprise with its unique puzzle game-RPG genre mash-up, and there have been a long line of imitators in its wake trying to capitalize on its success. Battle Slots is one such game, although you can hardly call the slot machine play at its core a puzzle. Most of what you find wrapped around the slot machine play in the game is lifted from PuzzleQuest, from a world which must be traversed by moving between nodes on a map to quests which all boil down to dueling some sort of creature on a puzzle board. The one big difference is that rather than besting enemies at a round of Bejeweled you must beat them with your magical slot machine.

There's a hokey story behind the game that involves your character finding a magic slot machine and then using said slot machine to defeat everyone else lugging a magic slot machine around the kingdom, but hopefully you aren't playing these types of games for their stories. And since the game doesn't have a whole lot to it outside of the slot machine battle mechanic, I'll just focus on that for the rest of this review.

When you battle a creature or some other enemy, you each have your own slot machine and you alternate taking spins and seeing what happens. The slot machines in the game resemble those that you find in a modern casino in that they have pay lines crisscrossing the nine symbols displayed on the screen after a spin. If you're only familiar with the traditional match three across slot machines, then it will pay to spend a little time with the game's instructions explaining how the various pay lines work. Or not. It doesn't really matter if you know what's going on or not, because like all slot machines it boils down to "push the button and we'll tell you if you've won" play.

The game allows you to customize your slot machine somewhat by letting you mix and match the machine's symbols. You may be playing as a warrior and want to load your machine with physical damage symbols at the expense of mana ones, or you may want to try to add some special symbols that will help you to accumulate more experience or gold at the end of a battle. This is a somewhat decent attempt to add an element of strategy to the game, but the battles are still pretty passive affairs due to the nature of slot machines. You push the spin button and hope that you accumulate some mana for a spell to damage your opponent or something of the like, and then you watch your opponent do the same. Unless you're already enamored with playing slot machines, it's hard to imagine that you'll find the whole random and passive nature of slot machines to make things all that interesting or enjoyable. 

Final Rating: 64%. Battle Slots is not really a puzzle-RPG game, it's a slot machine game and is ultimately as exciting as playing a slot machine without the financial upside.


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