Trine 2 Review

Our heroes from the Trine universe are back at it again, whether they want to be or not. For those that haven't taken a dive into this world before, three unique heroes are brought together by a magical artifact (the Trine) in order to save the Kingdom from a mysterious threat. The worrisome Wizard, brave Warrior, and cunning Thief are all characters you can play as throughout the campaign and multiplayer modes. Each one carries their own set of specialized skills and weapons, and one of my favorite parts of the game is that you can (and will need to) actively swap between these characters on the fly in order to solve puzzles and fight off enemies. Controls for Trine 2 range in complexity; the easiest being a forgiving movement system that is on par with Super Mario Bros., followed closely by the Warriors hack-n-slash attacks, leading up to more advanced maneuvers like the Thief's grappling hook and the Wizard's spell gestures. I was a little disappointed that the game page displayed controller support when keyboard and mouse are truly the only inputs allowed, which to be fair is not much of a surprise once you get into the game and see how everything is laid out, but still a bit of a misrepresentation worth mentioning. I'm not even going to mince words when I discuss the visuals of this title; it is probably the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Seriously, spend some time with the demo if you don't believe me. The colors and overall art direction of Trine 2 are exquisite. The audio collection isn't bad either, with great narration of the story as you play through as well as some cheery voice acting to keep things light. I don't know if I would say that the musical score is as exciting as the game page would have you hoping for (Ari Pulkkinen largely contributed to the soundtrack), but it definitely fits with the theme and sounds to be composed well (to be honest this could be a masterpiece but my noob ears just aren't hearing it). Trine 2 will take you on an 8-10 journey for the regular campaign, with additional hours stacked on for the Game+ and co-op modes. The mixture of puzzles that almost always have more than one method of solving, and the strategy needed to fight off enemy attacks while keeping everyone in your party alive provides a unique challenge that I think most will enjoy even if you're not necessarily a fan of the genre. Co-op mode is easily complements each aspect of the game and is one of the better implementations of the play type I've seen in gaming lately. I highly recommend getting together with a friend (or two) and playing through at least a few levels to see what kind of fun is waiting to be unleashed.

Final Rating: 96%. Our heroes from the Trine universe are back at it again, whether they want to be or not.