Sol Survivor Review

Just when you begin to think that the tower defense genre couldn't possibly get more crowded, another game comes along to prove you wrong.  At this point if you're going to bring a new tower defense game to the table then you'd better add something new and interesting to the formula.  There are simply too many options available out there to justify spending money on a game that is like most other games out there and lot like the tower defense games that you already own.  This brings us to Sol Survivor, which, as you've probably guessed by now, is a tower defense game.  While it does manage to add a little to the basic generic tower defense formula, overall it's a pretty pedestrian effort that's just another face in the crowd.

Like most other tower defense games out there, Sol Survivor's levels feature: 1) a base with a limited protected resource, in this case a colony on an alien world housing colonists' souls, 2) an invader that wants to steal that resource, 3) a winding set path that said invaders must follow on their way to the resource base, and 4) defensive towers that are placed along that path to kill the invaders before they can steal the resource.  The one departure Sol Survivor makes from this formula is the addition of orbital weapons.  Unlike the autonomous tower weapons, you have direct control of the orbital weapons and can unleash them when and where you'd like.  The only limit on this is that orbital weapons draw on a shared energy pool and you can't use any of them if you're out of energy.  The orbital weapons include a laser beam that can be directed with the mouse to hit invaders anywhere on the path and a bombardment of flames that will burn the invaders that must pass through it.  The orbital weapons don't add that much to the gameplay.  I suppose that they're supposed to provide a last ditch line of defense against invaders that have survived your gauntlet, but the game is relatively easy and last ditch saves are not needed that often.

On the whole the game is a pretty generic tower defense game.  The small handful of tower types available are all genre stalwarts such as gun, flame, and mortar towers.  The graphics and tower animations are merely pedestrian, as are the rather bland and generic invaders.  There's not a lot to the game's tactical elements either - if you cluster your towers near the entrance to the path you can wipe out most waves before they begin.  Fire off some orbital weapons as the invaders emerge and it's really no contest.  I prefer more challenge than that in my games, and I'm sure that most gamers feel the same way.  The difficulty ramps up a bit in later levels with crisscrossing paths, multiple entry points, and shorter times between waves, but it's not enough to tax tower defense veterans.

Sol Survivor is an adequate tower defense game, but in a genre with so many great options - many of them free to play - do you really want to spend your time and money on a game that's "just OK"?

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%. A rather bland entry in an increasingly overcrowded genre.


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