Defense Grid: The Awakening Review

Defense Grid is a tower defense game, and at its core itís about what youíd expect for a game in the genre. You have a resource to protect, an invader that wants to take the resource, a few paths that the invaders can use to get to the resource, and defensive towers that you can build to stop them. Defense Grid doesnít mess with this formula, which is a good thing because the reason you see so many tower defense games these days is that itís a fun formula. What Defense Grid does do is take the basics and build upon them. There are many different types of invaders, aliens in this case, and youíll need to deal with them in different ways from the gameís expansive arsenal of tower types. The result is a fun and challenging tower defense game which offers a bit more strategic depth than typical.

In Defense Grid the resource that you must protect is power cores. The aliens that want to steal your cores will enter the map and travel down the paths that lead to your cores in an effort to grab them and then carry them back off of the map. If they should manage to steal your last core, then all is lost and you lose the game. To stop them from taking your cores, you need to set up a gauntlet of defense towers bristling with weapons to stop them in their tracks. Since the aliens need to take the cores off of the map, your towers will actually have two chances to stop them, once on the way in and once on the way out. If you stop an alien carrying a core, then the core will automatically begin to make its way back to your stash. The only thing that you need to worry about is having the right towers deployed and in the right places.

Each level consists of several waves of attackers, but before each wave in unleashed youíll be able to see what type of alien that youíll be facing. This is important because there are a variety of aliens in the game and certain towers are more effective against some aliens than others. Have the wrong mix of towers in place youíll watch helplessly as the aliens go waltzing off of the map with your precious cores. Itís not a simple matter of packing every square inch of available real estate with towers, though. Youíll have a limited budget with which to purchase towers and of course the more powerful ones will cost you more than the basic machine gun towers. You can also pay to upgrade your existing towers to more powerful versions rather than spend that money on new towers. Money for your towers is earned by killing aliens, so the more efficiently you can kill them the quicker you can fill your coffers. Towers include lasers, artillery, Tesla coils, and a number of other ways to shoot, burn, and shoot the aliens, and the trick to the game is to select the optimum mix and placement that will quickly stop the next alien wave.

The game includes twenty different levels, and while the first few should be easily managed by most gamers the difficulty quickly ramps up. Twenty levels may not seem like a lot, but the odds are against you that youíll beat each one on your first try. Some of the difficulty is due to the fact that maps arenít all simple one or two path mazes. Some introduce multiple entrances and exits and others donít really have paths at all. On these types of maps youíll need to use some of your towers to define the paths that you want to force the aliens to take. Once you do complete the game, thereís still replay value to be had. There are definitely wrong ways to approach each level, but there are also alternate strategies that can be successful. Since the game is not really a puzzle in which one set of towers placed in certain locations us required to complete a level, you can have fun replaying the levels and trying different strategies.

If you donít like tower defense games, then Defense Grid wonít change your mind about the genre. However, if you do enjoy the occasional tower game or enjoy strategy games in general, Defense Grid is definitely worth your time.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 80%. Defense Grid is about as deep as a tower defense game can go.


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