The Princess Bride Review

It's kind of surprising that it's taken twenty years for a game based on the Princess Bride to appear, but after playing this one you'll probably feel that you could have waited a bit longer.  The game is essentially a Flash-based collection of mini games, and although the comic book style artwork and character voices lifted from the film have a certain amount of charm, the gameplay is about as compelling as that found in any free Flash game that you play to kill a few minutes but then never feel compelled to return to and play again.

Part of the problem is that the game is ludicrously easy.  I suppose that it could be argued that the movie was a children's story, but I can't say that I know of any kids who are fans of the movie although I know plenty of adults who list the film in their top twenty favorite movies.  Besides, if you've seen the movie you'll know that most of the humor is aimed at adults and flies right over the heads of children.  Even if we assume that the game is for kids it's impossible to tell what the intended age range for the game is.  At times you're asked to mix colors to turn a potion into another color (at what age do kids learn that blue and yellow make green?) or whether or not a pictured man has a beard (can't kids who can read the question recognize facial hair?).  At others you need to solve anagrams or answer trivia questions about the film (kids that can solve anagrams probably know their colors).  The mini games include a very easy version of Diner Dash in which you do farm chores, the aforementioned trivia for dummies game, a simple and easy platform game set in the Fire Swamp, the color-mixing potion game, and a hidden object search.  Finish all of these games and there is a final drag and drop exercise to build a Rube Goldberg style machine to storm the castle and win the game.

Altogether you can get through it all in under an hour and be left with no desire to play it again.  You're better off saving your money and playing some of the million or so free Flash games that can be found on the internet.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 35%. The Princess Bride reduced to a small collection of pathetically easy Flash mini games?  Inconceivable!


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