3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures Review

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is one of those games that you'll play through a couple of times and then never play again.  It features three courses consisting of twelve holes each, but the only way to play through them is in the game's tournament mode which makes you play all 36 holes in succession.  Each hole is designed to include a special shot that will guarantee you a hole in one, but there's no way to practice a hole so you'll have to play through 35 other holes before you'll see a hole again and get the chance to try a different approach.  Making matters worse, the holes just aren't all that interesting.  Some try to be clever for the sake of being clever, resulting in holes that are frustrating and almost unplayable.  For example, the carnival themed course includes a hole that makes you shoot across a bumper car floor while the cars are wildly racing all over the track and another that makes you shoot blindly through one of those spinning spindle rides.  Not fun.  Each hole includes some power-ups to aim for, but they're placed so poorly that they're not worth the extra strokes it takes to hit them.  What good is a free stroke power-up if it took you two strokes to get it?  Furthermore, the game's physics model is terribly inconsistent.  There's no way to tell if a swing will cause the ball to dribble forward a foot or send it shooting out of bounds, and the results vary from hole to hole.  The crummy camera angles don't really this any easier as it is difficult to even see where you need to be aiming your next shot.  To top it all off, the play is excruciatingly slow.  There's no way to speed up the clock when your ball is bouncing back and forth on an obstacle or when it decides to dribble its way an extra ten yards for no apparent reason, and you can't skip the lame and repetitive post-hole animations of your golfer.  Luckily you can't see the computer-controlled golfers you're supposedly competing against and so you won't have to wait for them to take their turns.  You'll only know that they're there when you see their scores added to the scorecard after each hole.  I think that they have the right idea. 

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 35%. If this is an ultra adventurous experience, I shudder to think what average mundane minigolf is like.


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