Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Review

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is an expansion pack for the Diablo meets Greek Mythology game Titan Quest, so the first step in determining whether or not Immortal Throne is for you is to ask whether or not you own Titan Quest. The next step depends on where you left things off the last time you played Titan Quest. If you finished Titan Quest then you’ll probably enjoy hearing that Immortal Throne adds a new Act IV that picks up after the events in the original game’s Act III. If you barely started Titan Quest or are itching to play through it again, then you’ll be able to take advantage of the new mastery in the game, Dream Mastery. For those of you still in the middle of Titan Quest, though, you get a few niceties to streamline the gameplay, but not enough to warrant purchasing the expansion until you get close to the end of Act III. OK, with all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at the new content itself…

Act IV opens in Rhodes where you are visited by a ghost who sends you off on your next adventure. You’ll have to travel to the underworld itself, taking on the creatures of hell such as Cerberus as you try to thwart Hades’ plan to expand his domain beyond the Styx. Act IV is divided into several locations like the previous acts, and also will take you about the same time to complete. The designers have provided a variety of interesting settings in spite of the obvious temptation to make every level resemble a magma cavern. If you’re looking to take your Titan Quest character on a new adventure, then Immortal Throne is a must-buy for you.

If you’re tempted to start the whole Titan Quest experience again from the beginning, then the new Dream Mastery should provide ample motivation. Dream Mastery is basically a collection of mind powers that provide a full spectrum of benefits to aid in creating a well-rounded character. The skills that come with this mastery include ranged and area attacks, buffs that can aid your damage, healing, and more, sleep spells, and a Nightmare for a pet. Dream Mastery is a pretty powerful skill set, and if you’re playing through Titan Quest a second time you’ll probably be surprised to find the going easier this time around once you start to collect a few skill points in the mastery.

Two new additions to the game include artifacts and scrolls. To create an artifact you must collect the required components and then pay a hefty sum to have it crafted for you. It’s worth the effort, though, as once equipped artifacts bestow some powerful bonuses such as adding additional attacks and damage on top of your normal ones. Scrolls are one-use spells that are quite powerful and can really help you out in a jam. They’re expensive too, but they’re worth it when they save your Ancient Greek bacon.

The expansion also adds a lot of smaller enhancements and tweaks to the game such as a much appreciated auto sort for your inventory. Another nice new enhancement is the caravan – a loot storage system that is accessible in any town. Another nice thing about the caravan is that it includes a shared area that lets you transfer loot between characters. This alone is a godsend for those who maintain a couple of different characters of different classes.

Immortal Throne takes an enjoyable game and ratchets up the fun a couple of notches, which is exactly what an expansion game should do. There’s nothing here that will significantly change your opinion of Titan Quest if you didn’t enjoy it, but if you did you’ll probably have a good time with Immortal Throne.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 90%. Fans of Titan Quest should definitely ascend this throne.


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