Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge Review

Yuri's Revenge, an expansion game for Red Alert 2, picks up where the original game left off.  The Allies have won the war and the Russian Premiere has been imprisoned.   Unfortunately, the psychic mind control expert Yuri eluded capture.  Now he's back and has big plans of the world domination kind.  Yuri has been busy planting Psychic Dominators, insidious mind control devices that turn people into slaves, all across the globe.  The Allies learn of his plot at the last minute, and launch a desperate attack on Yuri's facility on Alcatraz Island.  The attack is only partially successful, temporarily knocking the device's power offline.  In a last-ditch effort to save the planet, the Allies make use of a time machine invented by Albert Einstein to go back in time and try to stop Yuri before he can get started.  The Soviets are watching closely, though, if they can get a hold of the time machine perhaps they can reverse the outcome of the war and come out on top of the Allies this time around...

This is the situation at the opening of the two new campaigns that come with Yuri's revenge (sadly there is no campaign that places you in charge of Yuri's forces).  Each campaign contains seven new missions which take the player to a wide range of new and imaginative locations ranging from Hollywood to a Jurassic-era swamp (some might argue that there's not much difference between the two...).  When you've played through the campaigns, you can go online and play one of the ten new cooperative missions, or try your hand at running Yuri's forces in a skirmish game.

There are plenty of new units and structures awaiting Red Alert veterans in Yuri's revenge.  First of all there are three new neutral tech buildings: power plants, machine shops, and tech labs.  When captured, power plants help power your base, machine shops automatically repair your vehicles no matter where they are, and tech labs give you access to units that you wouldn't otherwise be able to build.

The Allies and Soviets also have new weapons at their disposal.  To counter Yuri's mind control tactics, the Allies have developed the Robot Tank.  It can float over both land and water, but must be powered from a base; low power problems will bring them to a dead stop in the field.  Also new to the Allied arsenal is the Battle Fortress, a huge vehicle that can crush infantry, vehicles, and walls beneath its treads.  Infantry can also board the Battle Fortress, firing from ports at the enemy.

The Soviets gain a powerful new unit akin to the Allies' Navy SEAL, Boris.  Boris comes with a long-range, rapid-fire machine gun and can call in airstrikes to bombard structures.  The Soviets also gain a Siege Chopper, which can deploy into a long-range siege weapon.