The Movies: Stunts & Effects Review

The Movies: Stunts & Effects pretty much sums up the new content brought to The Movies in its title. Now your studios will be able to create those summer blockbusters we all know and love. The new structures, sets, and other supporting additions to the game will give you more flexibility in building your studio’s movie portfolio, but the gameplay itself will not change significantly from that of the original game.

If you so choose, Stunts & Effects will let you start out with a pre-built studio set in the 1960s and walk you through the new additions to the game. Of course you’re free just to dive in on your own or start from scratch, but the walkthrough the game provides is an excellent way to get some hands-on experience with the new content.

Time to recruit a new stuntman.
The expansion adds a new class of talent to your studio’s roster: stunt people. Stuntmen and women are hired from the people that line-up at the new stunt school building in the same way as you hire other staff and talent. Each candidate is rated on their stunt ability and stamina, the latter being important because your stunt people will take a lot of abuse. Unfortunately you’ll have the same problem attracting potential stunt people as you do attracting actors and directors. For some reason there’s never much of a line out front and you’ll often find yourself grabbing the nearest janitor and pressing him into service as a stuntman so that you can begin filming your next feature. It would have been nice if the expansion addressed the game’s talent drought issues, but it looks like you’ll have to turn your hopes towards the next expansion for expanded talent pools.

Stunts & Effects adds little motorcycle helmet icons to the genre boxes used to specify movie genres. Dropping a writer onto the helmet icon in a script genre box in the writers' building will cause the writer to include stunt scenes in the movie’s script. When it comes time to cast the movie, the same icon will appear in the casting box to let you know how many stunt people will be required for shooting. Pick your stunt people as you do your other actors and they’ll be ready to go when it’s time to shoot the stunt.