Crazy Machines Review

Sitting down to play Crazy Machines you may find yourself wondering ďis this really going to be any fun?Ē The short answer is maybe, and the long answer is, surprisingly, yes.

The story of Crazy Machines is simple: as a lab assistant to a mad scientist you are responsible for helping with his wild experiments. You begin each experiment with various items related to the experiment. You then must determine how to use the items to accomplish the goals of the experiment in the least amount of time. Although this aspect of the game is simple to understand, the game itself quickly progresses and can become quite challenging. However, you can get addicted as the experiments get more difficult. All of a sudden youíre progressing from lab assistant, and trying to become a mad scientist yourself. You might even find yourself repeating the same experiment to get a faster time. But donít be surprised when the game gets so difficult it seems impossible; with a large number of stock experiments, Crazy Machines can provide some really unique problems to solve.

Crazy Machines includes a number of toolbars and menus that control the gameplay. As you place the various items during the game you are able to modify them by accessing the menuís and clicking the activated buttons. The modifications you can make to the items include flip, turn (clockwise & counter), on/off, and lock/unlock. In order to accomplish the goal of the experiment you must assemble the items and find a way to modify them correctly. There really isnít a large number of modifications that can be made which keeps the game simple. However, even though the game seems so simple that anyone can do it, there are some puzzles that can easily leave you scratching your head. Additionally, there is an added challenge in Crazy Machines because you must control the items with your mouse.

This item control can actually be an important part of Crazy Machines. Your placement of the items can significantly affect the outcome of an experiment. In fact, you may find that a good way to continue to test a particular method might be to move the items around slightly and try again. Watch what happens and make the necessary adjustments next time around. The game really does an excellent job here because almost anyone can play and work with the items. That doesnít mean you will solve the puzzles in less than 5 minutes, it can literally take hours to figure out and complete a single experiment. The game can become frustrating but itís the type of frustration that makes you want to keep going and finish the experiment.

The graphics in Crazy Machines are really basic and simple. You donít need the latest technology from NVIDIA or ATI to play this game. Although you will need a 3D accelerator, just about anything will do. The devices inside Crazy Machines are not extremely detailed. This is not to say the game looks bad though. Crazy Machines doesnít need to look like Half Life 2 or Black & White 2 to be fun. The graphics, overall, seem to fit pretty well with the game because they keep it simple. You may be especially attracted to this feature of the game if you plan on playing at work or in the office. You wonít need the power of your home system, that onboard video or aging PCI video card will do just fine. Itís actually a bit refreshing to see a game like Crazy Machines come out and be successful without the ďlatest and greatestĒ graphics.