Golf Resort Tycoon Review

Golf Resort Tycoon challenges you to build your own golf resort by designing the course layout and creating support facilities to keep it running.  If you are successful in attracting golfers to your resort, you'll have more money with which to buy increasingly better facilities as you strive to achieve five star resort status.

Golf Resort Tycoon can be played in a challenge mode which presents you with specific goals and time limits or in free play, where no such limits apply.  In either case, you begin the game with a certain amount of cash and a swath of land on which to build your resort.  Golf Resort Tycoon provides five different land types: forest, desert, mountain, island, and autumn.  These provide different challenges to the course designer with varying amounts of obstacles, elevation changes, and availability of land.

You will need to lay out the holes on your course - determining the length of each hole and adding bunkers and water hazards to make them more interesting.  You'll also need to quickly provide the necessary support buildings and staff to keep your course looking good and saving it form wear and tear and the dreaded gophers.  

You'll also be able to build facilities to entertain and attract golfers to your resort.  In addition to the golf resort standard putting greens, driving ranges, and the like, you'll be able to build lodging, dining, and shopping facilities.  All of these will help to attract more golfers to your resort and separate them from their money.

Various charts provide you with feedback as to the financial health of your resort and you can spy on individual golfers to see how they feel about your resort.  These features provide a good amount of information to help you decide on the direction you should take with the expansion of your resort.