Legends of Wrestling II Review

If you dare show your face around here after reading this, I am going to take you down. This is war. I am going to get you, your friends, and your family. You started this, and I am going to finish it…oops, sorry, just got a little too wrapped up in wrestle mode after playing Legends of Wrestling II on Game Cube.

The dimensions of LOW2 are impressive. You have numerous game modes available to you. You can start a career and wrestle your way to the top. You can enter a four, eight, or sixteen team tournament in either the standard, tag, or tag belt modes. Or you can simply play exhibition matches in the one on one, three-way, four-way, cage, ladder, or battle royal (where up to 16 wrestlers can enter the ring at once) formats.

There is absolutely no shortage of famous wrestlers to choose from; hanging around are Hulk Hogan, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Scott Steiner, Andre “The Giant”, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and the whole Von Erich clan just to name a few. Each wrestler comes standard with a selection of a few costumes too. You are also free to create your own wrestler from scratch too.

As you wrestler, you will earn coins for your efforts, and the always open shopping mall is a Shangri-la for any wrestler. You earn basic green coins while wrestling, and you can enter the gambling section of the mall to upgrade your greens into blue and red coins which are required for many of the purchases. With your coins, you can unlock additional wrestlers and promoters, new arenas (including Cairo, Rome, Moscow, and Tokyo), new textures/skins (including Gator, Gladiator, Jolt, Claw Stud, and the ever popular rotting man), new abilities (such as hardcore and sadist), original game concept art, and (what would wrestling be without them) cheats (including Slow-mo, Speed-up, Anti-gravity, Insane Damage, Full Reversal, and Full Momentum).

With such a vast and ambitious wrestling realm, this game could not possibly miss, right? Well, maybe not.

First, the wrestlers appear to be far away (presumably to leave room for out of ring action), and while you can tell who they are supposed to be, the quality of the graphics look as if they are dated by at least a few years. If we were able to see crisp characters, it might add something to the game. The special moves of wrestlers are hard to control from a positioning standpoint (i.e. it is hard to position your wrestler just so that he can complete the intended move), and there seems to be little distinction between the abilities and moves of the different characters. Even when you add in the occasional “illegal and totally unexpected” foreign object (e.g. a folding chair or crutch), there is not much more excitement to the game.

Bottom line is that the game is much more entertaining when you are shopping or deciding which wrestler to use and how to dress him than it is when you are actually wrestling. The game does get credit for the way it is laid out, it just comes up short in executing the wrestling game play.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 40%.  If you are a big fan of pro wrestling, this game is a sure-fire hit. You have a great deal of freedom to play with and customize your favorite stars. For the rest of us, this game is a disappointment, but with a few upgrades, a “Legends of Wrestling III” might be something to look forward to.


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