BloodRayne Review

Half vampire, half woman, and all unstoppable Nazi killer.  You are Agent BloodRayne, a Dhampir born of a human mother and vampire father.  This has given you many vampire powers, but spared you their weaknesses.  Kind of like an early day Blade.  When you were a teenager you were recruited by the Brimstone Society, a secret organization devoted to protecting the world from supernatural threats.  Your begin the game in the Louisiana swamps, but soon must fight Nazis around the world as they try to accumulate supernatural artifacts of power. 

ScreenshotsEven though the game is set in the 1930s, BloodRayne looks more like a young high school goth-boy's fantasy woman, with a very trendy hair cut and a mix of leather and Victoria's Secret undergarments.  Goth-boy's dreams would be quickly shattered if he tried to lay a hand on BloodRayne, as she is armed with large silver blades attached to her forearms and daggers on her boots.  She is also extremely agile and can pull off flying (and deadly) leaps straight out of The Matrix. As you progress through the game, you'll gain higher level attacks that will allow you to string combos together to unleash an even more lethal flurry of blades.  As BloodRayne attacks,  she builds up a blood lust that can then be unleashed as a blood rage.  In this mode, BloodRayne moves faster and can use special combo attacks.  The attack combos are pretty much automatic, so you won't need to memorize any button sequences, just hold down the attack button.

BloodRayne gains supernatural senses as the game progresses.  Aura sense allows you to see enemies and their state of health, even in darkness and fog.  It also guide you to your objectives by covering them with a greenish glow.  Extruded view allows you to see far in the distance, and doubles as a sniper attack.  Dilated perception is by far the most interesting of the enhanced vision modes.  It allows you to slow time around you to the point where you can watch the paths of bullets and avoid them.  This is where you can pull off your Matrix moves, flipping through the air in slow motion with both guns blazing.  The effect looks great and is one of the game's coolest features.  Dilated perception doesn't have a timer limiting your use of it - you can actually play the entire game in this mode if you want.

BloodRayne sucks, literally.  She gets health by sucking the blood of enemies.  Zombies, Nazis, any blood will do.  Of course, filling her health meter completely drains the victim's, so sucking blood is doubly beneficial.  If the enemies don't cooperate and stay away from you, you have a harpoon and chain which can be used to impale your enemies and bring them up close and personal. 

BloodRayne is free to use human weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles.  You'll automatically pick up weapons you come across, throw them away when they are out of ammo, and aiming is automatic.  You just keep the trigger pulled and the game does the rest.  Makes things easier for certain, but also takes a little of the fun out of it.