Evolution Worlds Review

Evolution Worlds (EW) is a Nintendo game developed by Sting, which must have something in common with Sony. Why Sony? Because by all rights this game should have been called “My First Role Playing Game” akin to the “My First Sony” line of products. (OK that little analogy, while true, was mostly because I wanted to get a Sony and Nintendo conspiracy theory started!)

Unleashing a freezing tempest.

I really liked the Sega Dreamcast and thought it got a raw deal. The Dreamcast had some of the most innovative and fun games around and years after its untimely death some of those same games are being ported over to the new consoles. You have Sonic over on the GameBoy Advance, Jet Set Radio for the Xbox and the 2K series on everything. Yet sometimes some lesser quality games also sneak over and get reborn. That’s the case for Evolution Worlds. EW is basically two old Dreamcast games spun into one. The original games, Evolution: The World of Sacred Device and Evolution 2: Far off Promise, were not the best RPGs on the Dreamcast but they weren’t the worse either.

Evolution Worlds is a cute role-playing game and one that can introduce younger players to the genre without smothering them with the sometimes overwhelming complexity of more mature RPGs. You play as young Mag Launcher of the famous Launcher family. Unfortunately it seems that after many generations of successfully producing world-class adventurers the Launchers have fallen on hard times. But our main man Mag is all about restoring the family name and will do so with a little help from his friends. Joining Mag at different parts of the game are his butler Gre Nade (work with the name for a second, you’ll get it…), his girlfriend Linear Cannon, who showed up at his door one day with a note from his Dad saying take care of her and several others including the daughter of his family rival, Chain Gun and the strangely sexy Pepper Box. (Say, where do they come up with these names anyway? Is there some special school you can go to?) You can pick who you want to join you on different adventures. Hey, who hasn’t wanted to throw down against a bunch of nasty beasts with their butler by their side?

The story is rather…uh, missing I guess would be the best word. Unlike most RPG there isn’t a giant Evil about to destroy the world that only you can stop. Instead you are sent on special jobs to different dungeons by “The Society” to hunt for artifacts of a long vanished ancient advanced civilization. Some of the artifacts are known as Cyframes and both Mag and Chain have one to aid in their explorations. Mag’s Cyframe is called the Airacomet and it’s basically a really big hand that he wears over his back. There are special attacks that the Cyframe can do in battles but I really expected it to play a bigger part in the game.