Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Review

Even though it is at its core a 2D, button-mashing fighter, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors provides a good number of game modes, unlockables, and ties to the Dragon Ball Z universe and will surely please Dragon Ball Z fans.

The focus of Supersonic Warriors is the fighting, of course. You can fight as any of fifteen different Dragon Ball Z characters, but to tell the truth you won’t be able to detect any major difference between them. Once you get comfortable with the basics of the game, you’ll do equally as well with any given character against any other given character. You’ll do pretty well with straight-forward button mashing as long as you know when to occasionally drop back from your opponent and remember to unleash your power attack when you’ve fully charged its meter. The game does a good job of taking you out of a strictly 2D world by giving you the ability to fly, hover, and dive in, well, two dimensions. But at least it feels like you have more freedom of movement than in a standard 2D fighter, plus the game adds a 3D perspective to things by changing the relative size of the fighters as they move farther apart.

You can pick up the game and jump right into a fight, but you’ll probably spend most of your time in the game’s story and saga modes. In story mode you control one character through a Dragon Ball Z storyline. Cutscenes tell the story and set the stage for each battle and when the fighting starts you take over. Win the fight and you get to continue with the story. Sagas are similar to the stories except that you’ll have the opportunity to fight as different characters and even take part in some team on team matches. By playing your way through the stories and sagas you’ll earn points that can spent to unlock extras. Some of these extras are game-related such as new stories to play or stronger versions of the fighters.  Others are a treat for Dragon Bal Z fans such as voice clips, sound effects, and more.

Even if you're not a Dragon Ball Z fan you can still have some fun with the game.  Sure, there is not much strategic depth to the fighting but it is a GBA cart after all.  If you want to pass a little time with some fighting action, Supersonic Warriors will fit the bill nicely.  The game also supports a head to head mode so you can fight your friends over a gamelink cable.

I realize that this review runs a bit on the short side, but there's not all that much more to say here.  Supersonic Warriors looks great and provides plenty of content for Dragon Ball Z fans. As long as you know going in that you’re getting a 2D button-masher you’ll have a good time with the game.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 78%.  If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan you’re going to love Supersonic Warriors.