M&M's Adventure Review

Player(s): 1

The DS version of M&Ms Adventure is basically the same as the Wii version, only the graphics have been toned down. Voice acting is not included in this particular version, so you'll have to read text as the cut scenes play. Much like the Wii version, the DS version still has N64-like graphics except this time they are actually worse than N64 graphics since everything (character models and environments) has a blocky and unclear appearance to it. The game also gets glitchy at some points. The elevators at the end of the stage each have a ramp and whenever your M&M character walks up the elevator they will usually fall right through the elevator floor as they step inside.

The D-pad on the Nintendo DS doesn't work well at all for this game. It's much like playing Super Mario 64 on DS with only the D-pad; precise movement in 3-D is basically thrown out the window. The in-game menus and stage selection allow you to use the touch screen but there isn't much else that takes advantage of it. The game is still just as bad as the Wii version only worse thanks to the watered-down graphics. Check out my full review of the Wii version if you want more specific details on the gameplay.

The Good:
+ Each M&M character feels different and has his/her own special abilities
+ Red has some descent flying stages, but they are very short

The Bad:
- Repetitive, generic, and overall mediocre platforming
- No attempt at voice acting
- D-pad doesn't work that well with this 3-D platformer
- Kind of glitchy in some areas, unlike the Wii version
- Overall blocky and unclear appearance

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 20%. It's going to take even more M&Ms candy to keep you awake while playing this title when compared to the Wii version.


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