Wordmaster Review

Wordmaster is a small collection of word-based games, but overall it plays more like the old game of MasterMind than it does a word game. The main mode of play challenges you to guess a six-letter word. After submitting a guess, the game will tell you how many letters you guessed correctly and whether or not you put them into the right position in the word. Your goal is to guess the word before you run out of allowed guesses. You’re given a clue for the word, but the clue is usually only a word or two itself and not usually any help (I was once given the clue “baseball player” for the word “Carson”). Rather than trying to use the clue to guess the word you’re better off starting off with the most common letters in the English language and then using that to zero in on the word. This can be fun for short games, something that’s good in a portable game, but there are enough odd words and proper names that have a number of spelling variants to make things frustrating on occasion.

There are also a couple of other variants on the game. The first is an anagram solving game which is pretty easy due to the absence of any kind of time or other pressure. You can just think things over until the answer comes to you and then put it in. The last game variant does come with a time limit, and before the timer expires you need to fill in all of the missing letters in a series of words. The problem is that many words have several possible solutions, and the game doesn’t give you credit for them all. For example, is solve_ solved or solves?

It would be nice if there were more to this game, or if a little more thought had been put into the clues and words. If you want to have a little quick fun with a game that is a variant of hangman or MasterMind, then you’ll probably be satisfied with Wordmaster. If you’re looking for a true word game or something that will challenge your language skills, then you will probably want to keep on looking.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 60%. More MasterMind than Wordmaster.


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