Best of Test DS Review

Best of Test DS is yet another attempt to cash in on the brain game fad for the DS that seems to march on with the unrelenting shuffle of a zombie at a brain buffet, and Best of Test is about as mentally stimulating as a conversation with said zombie. The game's publisher simply put as little effort into a game as possible so that it could just sit back and collect the money of those who mistakenly think that they are getting another Brain Age.

The game divides its puzzles into two categories, memory and intelligence, but the connection between the puzzles in the categories and any kind of corresponding mental improvement is dubious at best. There are only a small number of puzzle types included, none of which is very challenging. You have a Five Euro coin and two One Euro coins, how much do you have? (and yes, the publisher didn't even bother to take the time to localize the game for North America). The sequence puzzles here are four playing cards, which one should come next? are downright lazy, using the same basic type of pattern for each puzzle. Manage to actually get a puzzle wrong and you're not told the right answer, so you're left wondering if the game is even scoring the questions correctly. Finish a sequence of questions and you're given a score and well, that's it. There's no score tracking, no attempt to measure intelligence, no help to you in improving memory or intelligence all you really get is a series of puzzles that are repetitive and not as interesting as those that you can get from those little dollar puzzle books they put by the registers in grocery stores.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 20%. The real test of intelligence here is whether or not you are smart enough to avoid this game.


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