Chicken Hunter Review

Player(s): 1

Chicken Hunter is a small compilation of five mini games involving some cute and lovable claymation-like chickens. The collection includes many targeting mini games where the players shoots chickens along with two other different titles... involving chickens of course. That's basically the game in a nutshell. Let's go through a quick rundown of each mini game:

Classic is the core mini game that the game centers around. Use your stylus to shoot each chicken that appears on the screen. A pic of a chicken is displayed on the top screen while the bottom screen allows the player to peck each chicken with the stylus to shoot them. Shooting multiple chickens in a quick sequence will help you to gain more points.

The chickens basically fly by at close range or in the background - some of them pop up right next to the screen and a few appear near the screen. There isn't much to do here except play until the time runs out and attempt to beat the current high score. There is some slight fun to be had with this mini game, but nothing that made me return that much.

You take control of a cannon in this game and have cannonballs with different colors or some other type of icon - the cannonballs are displayed on the top screen. Aim the cannon and fire colored cannonballs with weights attached to them at chickens with corresponding colored clothes that fly by up above. The weights attach to the chicken and will bring it down once it carries three weights allowing a big score.

The controls messed up the experience of this game for me. You have to slide the stylus toward a chicken starting from the cannon so aiming can be a bit hard. Also the game gets repetitive very quickly.

All chickens have different colored clothes in this mode. Tap the screen to shoot the chickens and make them drop a colored gem that corresponds to their outfit. There are three pipes at the bottom of the screen - shoot a chicken while it is above a pipe to make the gem fall into the pipe then try to match up the gems as they fall by watching the top screen and matching up rows or columns of the same colored gem. There is a snail that can get in the way of the gems - he can be touched to make him move.

This game holds little fun since there is no real sense of challenge. The gems cannot overstack and the only adversary is time. Except for the time, you can't lose! I actually got the high score by tapping each chicken as it flew into view allowing the gems to stack up randomly in the pipes. Just by getting random combinations, I did rather well!