Chicken Shoot Review

Chicken Shoot is a game that is completely summed up by its title. In Chicken Shoot you shoot chickens, and that's all that you do. See that mother hen happily doing her family's laundry? Blast her with a shotgun! There's another one doing some knitting, use the machine gun on her! And what have these chickens done to you? Nothing as far as I can tell, but they do toss an occasional egg at you although I'm guessing that it's in a desperate act of self-defense. There is some old farmer or hunter guy in the game, but I'm not sure if that's who you're supposed to be. He just sits at the bottom of the screen facing you and laughing when you kill chickens. It's kind of creepy and I found myself wanting to turn the machine gun on him and save the poor chickens from his homicidal tyranny.

Creepy vibe aside, even if you were playing as a chicken blowing away crotchety old farmers the game wouldn't be that much fun. The entire game consists of pointing a cursor at slow-moving and stationary targets and pressing a fire button, which will begin to get old by about the second level of the game. Making matters worse, the game uses an oddball control scheme that has you using the touchpad to move the cursor on the top screen while pushing the d-pad to the left to fire. I've played first-person shooters on the DS that use the touchpad for control while the action takes place on the top screen and this scheme has worked pretty well for those games. However, using the touchpad to position a slow-moving cursor around a slowly-scrolling screen is awkward at best and overall annoying.

From its odd premise to its poor execution, there's not really anything redeeming to say about the game. I guess Chicken Shoot is more fun than the chicken pox. There, that's something.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 15% Shoot the game, not the chickens.


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