Flipper Critters Review

What do you get when you cross a platform game with a pinball game? Something that looks a lot like the game Flipper Critters. This is definitely a game geared far more towards the younger platform playing set than to gamers who get their usual fix of the silver ball from pinball machines at their local pool halls. The game is filled with cute fuzzy creatures off to save the world for other cute fuzzy creatures and that world is about as bright and cheerful a world as you can imagine. Rather than rescuing the world by jumping from one mushroom to the other, these fuzzy creatures roll themselves into balls and go bouncing around all over the place at the whim of gravity and your flippers.

The game is pretty easy to control with the shoulder buttons used to control your right and left flippers, but there is one thing that doesn't really work well. When the ball lands on certain objects in the game an icon will appear to inform you that you need to move the stylus up and down on the touch screen. This is a contrived way to bring the touch screen into play and it really doesn't fit well with the gameplay. It's awkward to have to take a finger off of a flipper button and make motions that obscure the play area from view in the middle of the game.

While the cute and colorful graphics may be appealing to kids, they also can make the game frustrating for them. It's nearly impossible to tell what is a target item and what is simply a part of the scenery. This issue is compounded by the fact that the game doesn't do a good job of making it clear as to what you're trying to accomplish in each level. A good chuck of the gameplay involves breaking your way into the next area, but you won't always know how to go about it. Because of this the gameplay devolves into an exercise in just knocking the ball around and seeing what you hit. It won't take long for kids or adults to grow bored of doing that, and younger gamers may simply find it frustrating.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 58%. It may have been a good idea to combine a cute platform game with pinball, but the result will frustrate as much as entertain its target audience.


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