Jackass the Game Review

No matter what you think of the stunts in the MTV show Jackass, you do have to give the show's staff some credit for being creative in coming up with them. Unfortunately that creative aspect is completely lost in the DS game based on the show. You begin the game as an intern on the show and subject to the whims of the regular cast members, whose whims always involve featuring you in one stunt after another. The problem is that each and every stunt basically boils down to doing one of two things: launching yourself high into the air and trying to hit something when you land and steering some sort of vehicle and trying to hit something when you stop. Launch yourself into the air to hit a billboard, steer a cart into an SUV, launch yourself into the air to hit a tree, steer a Segway into a parked car, it goes on and on like that and it gets worse. First of all the control is not very tight and it doesn't matter what you're trying to do. Whether you're riding in a pull wagon or on the back of an ostrich, you move at the same speed and have to steer with the same sluggishness. The air launched tricks are just plain irritating. Before launching yourself into the air you must select the power by hitting the button as a meter pulses - hit the meter when full and you launch with maximum height. Many jumps also add a meter for the direction of your jump as well. The problem is that you rarely need to launch at full power, so determining how much power to use is a matter of continuous trial and error. Since it's hard to stop the meter with any sort of precision or consistency, be prepared to do some stunts over and over and over again until you finally hit your target.

During your long flights through the air you can press some buttons to strike some poses, but if it weren't for that fact that your score for a stunt depends on the number of poses you strike you wouldn't bother. Once you make your final impact you're treated to some rag doll landings and the game will let you know how many bones you broke. It's not as interesting as it sounds, though. The rag doll landings are relatively similar to each other and since you always pop right up after a stunt the broken bone count is moot. It's not even clear why in one case you break a handful of bones and another you break all 206, so it just boils down to a useless random number generator.

It's too bad the stunts aren't that interesting because it almost feels that there could be an enjoyable game here with some effort. In between stunts you run around an open world level in which you're free to hop on a vehicle or use something to launch yourself into the air for some freestyle stunts. However you won't really bother because there's no payoff for doing so. Nothing gets smashed, there are no chain reactions of destruction, there's nothing that's visually interesting about any of it. You just strike the same poses you've already seen more times than you'd care to count and then bounce around when you hit the ground. Big whoop.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 40%. If Jackass the show were as bland as Jackass the game it would have been cancelled after one episode.


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