Brain Boost: Gamma Wave Review

Joining the crowded beach on the wave of brain training games is Brain Boost Beta Wave and Brain Boost Gamma Wave. Everything about these two games is basically the same outside of which five games designed to exercise your noodle are included, so the review for both is essentially the same. In fact, it really should be a single review because these two titles should be a single game. Decidedly thin at five games apiece, the games would have been much better served by shipping as a single ten game brain booster … especially since outside of the games all that remains is a whole lot of empty space.

Brain Boost has two modes of play, training and challenge. Training mode lets you pick any of the five games and play them at one of the game’s four difficulty levels. Each game involves twenty repetitions of the same type of simple puzzle and your score is based on the number that you solve correctly. All of the puzzles are multiple choice and you need to tap the right answer before a timer runs out and you move to the next round. Beta Wave’s puzzles are supposed to boost concentration and involve counting and matching exercises. Gamma Wave’s puzzles are geared towards memorization of patterns. The goal of the game as far as brain improvement is concerned is apparently to have you play the same simple games over and over again. There’s not really any improvement tracking going on here and the max you can get in any game is a score of 20, so if you’re looking to improve your mind you’ll have to take it on faith that the repetition works and dedicate yourself to playing the games over and again.

The challenge mode is nothing more than a cheesy story about looking for a robot’s thinking cap (the story is essentially the same in both games) sandwiched between rounds of the games played at progressively higher skill levels. You may as well stick to the training mode and pick your skill level as you see fit.

The game selection in each is pretty thin at five games, and to top it off none of them are particularly entertaining. Odds are that you’ll just play through them all a couple of times and be done with it. The lack of any kind of detailed feedback or progress tracking means there’s little motivation to keep playing beyond that.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 45%. If you think that this brain boost will boost your brain, then you do indeed have a brain in need of boosting.


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