Game Consoles

We've recommended quite a few games in this year's guide, but you can't play them without a console. Here are each of the major consoles along with some of this season's best bundles.

Game Consoles - PS4
The PS4 Pro features a more powerful processor and supports 4K Ultra HD TVs. The PS4 Slim supports all of the same games, and is a perfectly good system if you don't plan on upgrading to Ultra HD for a while.
Game Consoles - PlayStation VR
First, to use PlayStation VR (PSVR) youíre going to need a PlayStation 4 console, either the PS4 Slim or Pro will do, although if you can afford the extra money for the Pro the additional processing power will help with the VR experience. The Move Controllers are used by a few games, but are not required to use PSVR. Youíll want to use headphones to get the full VR experience and the PSVR headset only comes with a pair of throwaway ear buds, so if you donít already have a good pair of gaming headphones youíll want to get one.
Game Consoles - Switch
The Nintendo Switch is both a home console and a portable. You can hook it up to your TV and just leave it there, you can just use it as a portable without a TV, or both. The dock makes it easy to hook your Switch up to your TV, and then grab it when you're leaving home to play your games on the go. If you're only going to use the Switch as a portable, consider going with the Switch LIte.
Game Consoles - Xbox One
The Xbox One S provides 4K Ultra HD TV support for 4K television shows and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, the Xbox One X provides the same as well as support for games in 4K. The Xbox One X is more expensive, but it's the more powerful of the two versions.
You'll need a good PC to run the Oculus Rift VR system, but if you have the PC horsepower to run it the Rift is an amazing VR system and its Touch controllers bring a new level of immersion to VR as you can reach out and grab objects around you. Oculus Quest is self-contained, and is used without a PC. The HTC VIVE will give you the most freedom of movement, but you'll need to dedicate a whole room to your VIVE play space.

Game Accessories

Gamers are always in need of some kind of accessory. Here are some of our recommendations.

Game Controllers
New consoles usually come with just one controller, so add an extra controller or two if you have a multi-gamer household.
Controller Chargers
Stop the battery madness or make it easy to keep controllers fully charged and ready to go when you're ready for gaming. Each one supports two controllers, so you can swap out your dead controller for a fresh one and keep on gaming.
Bluetooth for Switch
Switch owners can't use their Bluetooth headsets with the Switch, as it only supports wired audio. With this little adaptor, suddenly the Switch supports Bluetooth!
Game Gift Cards
Many of today's games can be purchased online and downloaded directly to a console, so you can always let them choose a new downloadable game on you.
Other Gifts
With so many games available digitally, you'll quickly use up the drive space that comes with your console. Expand that storage with an external drive that's compatible with both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Give your budding YouTubers the tools they need to capture gameplay video.

How about some fuel for the gamer on your list? MunchPack packs together hard to find snacks from around the world that are perfect for keeping late night gaming sessions going. Bokksu gives you snacks from Japan based on a different theme each month.

Bargain Hunting?

Looking for a bargain? Last year's games are still good this year and are a lot cheaper. Check out our gift guide from 2018 for some great games at great prices.

Your Turn

You've seen our gift guide, now it's your turn.  Do you have a favorite game from 2019 that you think should have made the list?   Do you have any questions about getting a gift for the gamer in your life?  Feel free to add your comments or questions below - we'd love to hear from you!

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