Guacamelee El Diablo's Domain DLC (Vita) Review

Jason Nimer
In Short
Do you like your Guacamelee served with a side of Super Meat Boy?

So it's no secret I was a little let down with the last bit of Guacamelee DLC. For a game I loved so much, three new costumes and their accompanying powers just was not enough to satisfy. A new bit of DLC has come along, El Diablo's Domain, and it promises much more actual content than the previous bite-sized add-on. So what is the verdict on this new pack, which includes new levels (kinda) and three new costumes? That depends on what kind of gamer you are, really.

I'll explain: El Diablo's Domain isn't new story content, as I'd hoped it would be. Instead, it is a series of often brutally difficult challenge rooms that require perfect timing, complete mastery of Juan's upgraded moveset and a lot of patience. If you manage to survive the challenges, you are awarded medals based on performance, completion time, combo multipliers and the like. Earn enough medals and you can unlock the three new costumes ' El Portero, a multicolored, flamboyant suit, Alebrije, a red devil suit and Diablo's Suit, an S&M business suit. Bronze medals unlock El Portero, silvers unlock Alebrije and extremely difficult to earn gold medals will get you Diablo's Suit.

As I said, the enjoyment you'll get out of this DLC depends on what type of gamer you are. I, being the guy who has to earn every accolade, toughed it out, earned my medals and got my new costumes. The part of me that wanted more story content, though, was left disappointed. And even though it took a few hours (and a lot of swearing) to finish everything up, I didn't get the same Guacamelee 'feeling' from the add-on. There no real humor or character here, just a series of ever more frustrating challenges to overcome. If that sounds awesome to you Super Meat Boy and ultra difficult platform fans, this DLC is for you. But if you saw Guacamelee as more than just a series of jumps to make and combos to rack up, you might be disappointed.

In short, El Diablo's Domain lacks the soul that makes the core game so fantastic. I certainly appreciate having a reason to go back to a game I loved, but the structure and execution of these challenge levels don't feel like they belong as part of the Guacamelee experience. I realize some gamers may eat this stuff up, but it just wasn't suited to my tastes. But hey, how many times will I get to type the words 'S&M business suit' in my career? That's got to be worth something!

Final Rating: 65%

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Transmitted: 2/23/2019 8:00:41 PM