Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4) Review

Kevin "Berserker" Hall
In Short
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the latest version of SFV and it's pretty ultimate.

Player(s): 1-2
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Download Content

If you’ve seen my past review of the original version of Street Fighter V, you’ll know that I was not too pleased with the overall lack of modes and features, but I did praise the game for just about everything else. I skipped out on playing much of Arcade Edition and now we have the latest version of SFV entitled “Champion Edition” and man, this game is really jam-packed with content. Champion Edition nearly brings along all DLC that was in the previous SFV incarnations and it reintroduces Seth as a playable character. Seth’s addition gives the game a total of four playable boss characters from classic Street Fighter games – Sagat, Bison, Gill and now Seth.

Previous versions of SFV allowed players to unlock extra characters and stages by using Fight Money. If you don’t know, Fight Money is achieved from performing certain objectives while playing single player or while playing online. Even though extra characters and stages were unlockable through the use of fight money, achieving enough fight money to unlock them became a total grind on the players’ part. All of the outfits for the game had to be purchased with real currency, so you still had to pay for that type of extra content ($6 each). Thankfully just about all of this is included in Champion Edition. The game’s budget price is worth it just to get all the costumes alone. There are still some DLC (costumes, stages, etc) to unlock with in-game currency (fight money) or real currency, so you don’t get it all but you do get a great deal of it with Champion Edition. Each fighter has around 5 outfits to choose from and many of them are quite good. Each fighter dresses up as another Capcom character from another game as well as many other outfits (such as Halloween outfits). Characters that were in the starting roster of the original SFV seem to have more outfits available to them.


The game now has its own story mode and all modes that were previously “coming soon” (such as the store during my last review) are now up on the main menu. The game also has an Arcade Mode with multiple levels of CPU opponents to face (basically playing through past SF tournaments with available fighters that are in SFV). The game now has a roster of 40 characters. It’s amazing how Capcom went back and redid every returning character. No character feels the exact same as they did in previous SF incarnations. While reviewing the past fighters, I often mentioned this and it still remains true for the characters that were released after the character passes that I reviewed. I feel this often isn’t mentioned enough in the fanbase and definitely consider this a positive for SFV. Each fighter has two V-Skills and V-Triggers now which helps to add a bit of depth like in SF3 where you could change your super move.

The online still uses the rollback net code. The online seems to work rather well. I did still get a few random teleporting opponents here and there but it seemed smoother than the original version of SFV that I reviewed. I played one opponent while watching a Twitch stream and it didn’t even seem to affect the connection much, which is quite impressive! My only true negative with the game is more of a personal negative - the fighting seems very slow paced compared to other games in the SF series. It’s easy to get bored with the gameplay quickly. Other incarnations of SF seemed flashier.


Overall, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the ultimate version of SFV. If you just want to get a big package of costumes without paying much for them, this game is definitely a value! If you’ve waited until now to pick up SFV then Champion Edition should be a definite pickup for you.

The Good:
+ Every returning fighter has a very fresh feel to them
+ All them costumes for a budget price!
+ The online seems smooth

The Bad:
- Lack of excitement in gameplay. Overall gameplay gets boring.

Final Rating: 80%

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Transmitted: 8/8/2020 6:19:18 AM