Antlion MM-28 Uber-Wide (Mousepad) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
A good choice for a desk-sized gaming mousepad.

The Antlion MM-28 uber-wide gaming mousepad is a wide-format pad designed to lie across your entire desktop. The advantage to this over traditional mousepads is that you have a lot more room to roam and don't need to worry about going over the edge at a key moment. There's also plenty of room to place your keyboard on the mat and keep all of your game controls on the same level. The MM-28 is 900mm x 300mm, or about 36' by 12' for you non-metric types, so you will need a full-sized desktop to make use of it.

Antlion Mousepad

The mat comes packaged rolled along the long side, but readily lies flat when unpacked. The mat features a rubber non-stick backing, but doesn't vent any of the rubber fumes that some of the other mats I've tried out did. The mat stays in place when you're using it even during some of the vigorous mouse movements that come with playing a game. The cloth surface is relatively soft, so it's better suited to those who don't want much friction between the mouse and the surface. I tried several makes of gaming mice on the surface and they all tracked quite well. The surface and backing are held together by a tightly stitched edging that looks like it will hold up well over time. From an aesthetics perspective the pad is subdued, an all matte black surface save for a white Antlion Pro Gaming logo in the lower right corner.

The Antlion mousepad is a good choice if you're looking to replace a smaller pad on which you're continually running over the edges. I like the feel of the surface and it's nice having one large surface that doesn't ever need to be adjusted or moved to a different position. The surface is probably smoother than you may be used to, but it does allow for some really fast mouse movements.

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Transmitted: 5/23/2019 9:06:37 AM