HVER PRO X (Keyboard) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
A good option for gamers on a budget, but there are better options if you’re willing to spend a little more.

The HVER PRO X is an RGB optical mechanical keyboard from Iogear’s Kaliber Gaming line. It features an aluminum top half that gives it both a bold, stylized look and a fair amount of heft. The front edge rests just above the surface it sits on, so while it looks like it wants to cut into your desktop it doesn’t pose any actual danger to its surface. This is a keyboard that requires a bit of effort to move, so it won’t go sliding around on you during your most animated gaming moments. The aluminum construction also makes the keyboard spill-proof – liquids roll down its surface and the raised key bases prevent them from getting into the keyboard.

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Like most gaming keyboards, you can download software to program the lighting effects and macro keys of the HVER PRO X. I found the software to be pretty basic – it did what it needed to do but without a nice interface or any extras. While there are some good lighting effects, there’s not a lot of them for you to program anyway. However, you don’t need to install or run this software to use all of the features of the keyboard. Everything including the lighting effects can easily be programmed from the keyboard itself. You don’t even have to memorize all of the keys required to do this because each key that provides extended functionality to program the keyboard has its function “printed” directly on the key. I put “printed” in quotes because the keyboard’s key’s characters are directly molded into the keys to prevent them from wearing out with extended use. Each key is individually lit, so the keyboard supports a number of lighting effects including some that are responsive to your keystrokes. The lighting isn’t as bright as other lighted gaming keyboards, and the lighting can virtually disappear in a well-lit room. If you’re fine with a subtler lighting effect you’ll be OK with the lighting level, but if you’re looking for something that’s an eye-catching showpiece you’ll be disappointed.

The keys are built on brown-type optical mechanical switches, so they are responsive to both a light touch as well as heavy strokes that provide that satisfying click that membrane keyboards just can’t provide. On the other hand, they are not as responsive as full mechanical switches. I found that the sensitivity and sweet spot varied by key - I especially had some issues with the Enter key. Tapping the right edge of the key with my pinky wouldn’t always register as a keystroke, so I found myself overcompensating with a hard tap, which kind of defeated the purpose of a mechanical keyboard. I have a number of mechanical keyboards in my office and this one is by far the loudest. Because of the inconsistencies between the keys, I found myself tending to hit the keys a little harder on this keyboard. If you hit the keys hard while typing and gaming, you won’t really notice the inconsistent activation points, but those of you who use a lighter touch might experience some frustration.

If you want a mechanical keyboard and are on a budget, the HVER PRO X is a good option. You get a compact, stylish lighted keyboard at a lower price point than most other gaming keyboards. If you can spend a bit more, though, there are better options out there that will give you better responsiveness and more brilliant and eye-catching lighting effects.

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Transmitted: 3/30/2023 8:36:30 PM