Pillowfight Girls (iPhone) Review

Gary Kearney
In Short
A good thing has been made very, very bad...

So pillow fights involving hot girls sounds like a pretty cool idea ... heck, I'd watch one. That said, I absolutely despised Pillowfight Girls by I-play. It took one of the oldest male fantasies and destroys it. I am by no means a partially mature person. I mean I pay my bills and generally do the right thing, but I still think very juvenile things are quite funny. Not so much here.

Pillowfight Girls is like a very, very poor man's version of Mortal Kombat. You have two girls, one on either side of the screen, and using a virtual d-pad on the screen you move your girl left and right while wielding a pillow. The object is to KO the other girl through smacking her enough times with the pillow or the occasional punch/slap and special attacks.

Look, I totally understand what they're going for here, I really do. I-play isn't trying to make a game that is actually any good, and they succeeded big time in making a bad game, no what they are at a minimum trying to do it to provide a cheap thrill. So really they are going for the least common denominator; sex. And I'm actually fine with that...except they failed miserably in even that.

The "controls" are irritating in part because of the lousy animation and in another part because they are terrible. The d-pad is stupidly unresponsive while the animation is so jerky it hurts to watch. My dog could make a smoother game then this. The girls are not sexy and the little pictures that represent them are not flattering. Oh yeah, the sound sucks also.

So there you have it. This is a very bad game. So bad that it passed that point of being an amusingly bad game and just went right to being nothing more than a bad game. I hate it.

Final Rating: 0%

Transmitted: 2/16/2019 5:10:59 AM