PandaMania: The Legend of the Fu Manchu (iPhone) Review

Gary Kearney
In Short
What more is there to say? PandaMania has fun, style, challenge and a panda.

I suppose these things are everywhere nowadays. Somehow I missed out on them for the most part and the few that I did see did nothing to leave an impression. I'm talking about the Tower Defense (TD) or Defend Castle or shoot whatever shows up from the other side of the screen games. They have spread like weeds on the iPhone and most are just not anything to write home about. Ahh, but in every weed garden (they do have gardens, right?) there is bound to be the wayward flower. So is PandaMania: The Legend of the Fu Manchu a weed or that rare flower? You know what to do to find out...

PandaMania: The Legend of the Fu Manchu by Fizz Pow Games is a game where you play as a world-class bowman (bowpanda??) that has had your Fu Manchu stolen by an evil thief. So, yeah, it's a serious game...not! What it is is a very entertaining take on the overpopulated TD genera. You're a panda on a mission to not only get you Fu back but along they way to liberate towns along your way.

I believe there are few things that set PandaMania apart from this crowded genera. First,you're a panda. Done deal right there. Second, you have/had a Fu Manchu. Any game where the Fu is a central plot element is alright by me. Third, the sense of humor. Fourth, great art style and music. Oh, and you're a panda, a panda with a bow.

As is the standard for TD games, you are on one side of the screen and enemies come at you from the other side. This just keeps happening until either you finally destroy enough enemies to clear the level, or enough of them get to your side of the screen and damage you. Doesn't sounds too exciting or challenging but PandaMania proves this wrong on both accounts. PandaMania has over 50 levels spread over 5 different lands. Each one of the lands has its own look and personality and there's not a stinker in the bunch. The enemies are matched to the level and some of the tougher ones take a bit of talent to deal with.

Your weapons include flamings arrows, frozen arrows, multiple arrow, and shock arrows. Knowing when to use each one is key to keeping your panda healthy and progressing. There are boss fights and these are really well done. The game is smooth with no hiccups. The game does a terrific job of introducing the gameplay and guides you along the learning curve just about perfectly.

The only slight concern is the $2 price. I don't tend to spend more than .99 cents on an app unless it's something special. Well I'm here to tell you that PandaMania is worth the price and I can't see how anyone would feel cheated in the slightest. Even once you finish a level you'll find yourself going back to try and get a higher score and it's part of OpenFeint for those interested in that kind of thing.

Final Rating: 95%

Transmitted: 6/20/2018 6:58:27 AM