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Ghost Hunter EVP (iPhone) Review

In Short
Got ghosts?

Part of the fun of having an iPhone is showing off all the clever little things it can do. Blow in the mic and cover "holes" on the touch screen to play the Ocarina. Flip back a Zippo lid, flick it and watch as the flame realistically always points skyward. There are about half a million other little apps that don't serve any purpose beyond just being kind of neat. Ghost Hunter EVP is one of those apps.

This clever little time waster is billed as a "ghost detection system" that uses Electronic Voice Phenomena the process of capturing sounds indistinguishable to the human ear to find the spirits that are supposedly living among us. Movies like White Noise and shows like Paranormal Activity have explored this concept in great detail and whether or not you buy into it, you have to admit it is pretty interesting. Basically, the app records using the iPhone's mic and gives you a little readout of the electronic disturbances in the area. Is it hard and fast science? No. Do I really believe that there are really ghosts hanging out in my living room? It seems unlikely; if I believed that for a second I might keep my apartment a little cleaner.

Unfortunately, Ghost Hunter EVP suffers from two major problems. First, your recordings are saved in the app, not in your iTunes library as they should be. This is made even more annoying by the lack of a rewind or fast-forward function in the app. Why would you want to listen to a whole recording for just one or two seconds of action? You wouldn't, and neither did I. Second, the app ONLY works on the iPhone 3G all the past models are left out in the cold. This baffling decision leaves a huge portion of the iPhone population out, and with the staggering amount of apps available, the developers must be nuts to not make it compatible with all versions of Apple's device. Luckily, the A&E show Paranormal Activity has an app that does almost the same thing, so most would be better off checking that one out.

I like the idea behind this app, but its two major flaws really keep it from being something easily recommended. 3G-only apps are beginning to trickle down the pipeline, but until the iPhone 3G has been around a little longer, the trend is destined to hurt app sales. Also, why record something if you can't easily play it back? The concept is cool, but Ghost Hunter EVP fails to deliver anything better than what some other apps free ones do just as well.

Final Rating: 60%

Transmitted: 5/26/2018 7:56:48 AM