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Fruit Roll (iPhone) Review

In Short
If you're a one trick pony, that trick had better be really good...

There are several apps on the market that just have one game mode and that is a single-try run. In this one you control a berry as it rolls down a never-ending slope. You can jump and double jump to avoid enemies, grab coins, or grab other berries. There is a berry counter on the side of the screen which allows you to change into the color of a collected berry; once you have three berries, any more berries grabbed will replace the three you already have. As a chosen color you can go through enemies of the same color as you. If you can stack three berries of the same color you will go into mega mode and roll a long distance as an unstoppable force.

The speed you roll will increase with each leg of the track. It will come to the point when the items and obstacles will fly at you and it will soon be game over once you take on too much damage.

Any app with only one mode needs that one mode to be unbelievably addictive and replayable. I have yet to find one, and this app will meet the same fate as the rest: deleted after less than 20 plays.

Final Rating: 60%

Transmitted: 5/21/2018 8:43:58 AM